Nailing Racism to the Cross


Dr. Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson, author of the “RAYS OF VICTORY” Series, acknowledges that one of her biggest challenges has been dealing with racism and its assaults on her mind. She readily acknowledges that it was only by the power and grace of God that she developed power thoughts against racism, learned to deal victoriously with her own experiences with racism, and finally gaining personal victory over the challenges often posed by racism. She created Rays of Victory Series to help Christians deal victoriously with racism.

Dr. Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson is a US-trained scientist who holds a doctorate degree in Medical Microbiology from Howard University College of Medicine. Her professional career has spanned teaching, scientific research, technical consulting for the United Nations Development Program, clinical research, and drug safety work in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. She is a Pharmaceutical Drug Safety Consultant. 

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  • "I am so humbled that you found me worthy to add my little contribution to a truly GOD inspired work. As I was editing, I couldn't stop the tears; my spirit was being cleansed as..."
    Tyna H. (UK)
    Your Rays of Victory Book Series
  • ""The RAYS OF VICTORY book series are GOD breathed and ordained...the most powerfully inspirational, Bible-based books against racism I've ever read. Many minds shall be renewed ..."
    Evangelist Celie A. (USA)
    Powerfully Inspirational, Bible-based Books Against Racism

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