Nailing Racism to the Cross


Quotes "The RAYS OF VICTORY book series are GOD breathed and ordained...the most powerfully inspirational, Bible-based books against racism I've ever read. Many minds shall be renewed and empowered, and hearts changed. Congratulations to DR. JACYEE ANIAGOLU-JOHNSON for her excellent work...The "Rays of Victory book series written by Dr. JACYEE ANIAGOLU-JOHNSON is a weapon to combat racism through the word of God. Personally, it empowered me to be victorious over racism in my personal life and in my day to day encounter with this Demon called racism. These books offer steps in gaining individual victory over racism and they prepare you on how to deal with it through the Grace of God. They are Christ rooted, and I challenge you to get at least one copy of one of the titles for yourself. Congratulations DR. JACYEE ANIAGOLU-JOHNSON!!! You're a visionary. Quotes
Evangelist Celie A. (USA)
Powerfully Inspirational, Bible-based Books Against Racism

Quotes I am so humbled that you found me worthy to add my little contribution to a truly GOD inspired work. As I was editing, I couldn't stop the tears; my spirit was being cleansed as I did the work. Oh dear! What have you started? GOD is going to do such great things with these books...I'm simply too excited as well as scared to think of what these books will unleash? May you never ever doubt again that these Series have indeed been inspired by the Almighty GOD Himself through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit...I shall stay glued to this space. Quotes
Tyna H. (UK)
Your Rays of Victory Book Series