Nailing Racism to the Cross

Overcoming Racism: Newly Released Christian Non-fiction Book Series Discusses Steps for Gaining Individual Victory Over Racism

[Laurel, Maryland, March 31, 2013] Marble Tower Publishing, LLC, a Maryland-based company announces release of empowering new Christian inspirational book series as excerpts from “RAYS OF VICTORY: NAILING RACISM TO THE CROSS” ...more

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  • "I am so humbled that you found me worthy to add my little contribution to a truly GOD inspired work. As I was editing, I couldn't stop the tears; my spirit was being cleansed as..."
    Tyna H. (UK)
    Your Rays of Victory Book Series
  • ""The RAYS OF VICTORY book series are GOD breathed and ordained...the most powerfully inspirational, Bible-based books against racism I've ever read. Many minds shall be renewed ..."
    Evangelist Celie A. (USA)
    Powerfully Inspirational, Bible-based Books Against Racism

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